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About Firestone 

Renowned as pioneers in the arena of the manufacture of tyres, the Firestone group was one of the original early 20th Century equipment suppliers to the Ford Motor Company. Today Firestone is part of the Bridgestone group, producing unrivalled tyres which combine quality, performance, safety and environmental needs.

Firestone has always been at the forefront of technology and leading the field in innovation. Most notably, Firestone has developed tyres with advanced technology for excellent wet traction and optimum performance even as the tyres wear. Available in car, van and 4x4 tyres, Firestone is a brand you can depend on.


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Firestone is committed to producing products in the most environmentally responsible ways. We are continually working to ensure sustainable practices are employed throughout the entire product lifecycle from how Firestone tyres are produced, to the impact of tires on the road, to how tyres are used at the end of their lives on a vehicle. The company is continually delivering new tyre innovation and improving environmental performance.


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You could say Harvey Firestone reinvented the wheel. Because when he started the Firestone Tyre Company, he changed the way we drive. Behind everything he did was a commitment to being ahead of the curve — from the invention of non-skid tread to a racing legacy that’s second to none. Today his pioneering spirit can still be found within the company’s strong culture of innovation.


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With so many different languages actively used across the continent, music is the one language that has the power to bring together people from different countries and cultures. The Firestone Music Tour gives Firestone the opportunity to connect with music-lovers from across Europe via authentic music experiences. These are people of all ages who share the same values as Firestone and want to live life to its fullest.

Please note that due to COVID 19 pandemic there is no plan for the music tour to come to the UK in 2021 but we look forward to it coming back in 2022.

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